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Another interesting discovery in my Altmetrics data

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Another interesting discovery in my Altmetrics data: we've discovered that someone (username: Macparent) has cited my work on masking on Wikipedia's entry on "Diurnality." I know Wikipedia has started a Wikipedia Fellows program designed to improve the quality of science reporting on the site. Perhaps that might explain the contributors exceptionally good taste in scientific literature.

Which raises the question: why are wikipedia entry's often time so poorly written, incomplete, and lacking in citations, particularly on such academic topics (like diurnality)? Academics write reviews all the time, and it would seem wikipedia would be a useful tool for young academics (such as myself) to advertise one's work to undergraduate and graduate students ultimately leading to better citations. The incentive is there for young academics to write wikipedia entries. So why don't we more often? Food for thought.

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